MacBook to land by May

 Apple’s new notebook and sequel to the Ibook, the IMac, is suppose to land soon within 30-60 days, sometime in May . Here is the article:

By Ryan Katz, Senior Editor

April 7, 2006 – Apple has begun manufacturing its new MacBook and should have the laptop in consumer hands in the next 30-60 days, sources report. The MacBook—and it will indeed be called the MacBook, sources have confirmed, as Apple will be dropping the iBook moniker—is being built exclusively around a 13.3-inch widescreen display with a 1280×720 WXGA resolution, as previously reported. The MacBook will likely share internals with Apple’s recently revamped Mac mini, meaning a Core Solo processor can be expected in the low-end and a Core Duo in the higher-end MacBook. In doing so, Apple will position the 13.3-inch MacBook as both an entry-level laptop and as a replacement for Apple’s 12-inch PowerBook G4.

Apple will discontinue the 14-inch iBook G4 immediately upon release of the MacBook but sources expect the company to continue to offer the 12-inch iBook G4 in limited quantities for a period of time.

Sources have added that a 17-inch MacBook Pro, being built by Quanta, could also arrive in tandem with the release of the MacBooks. The 17-inch model will pack a brighter display than its predecessor but specifics are not expected to diverge significantly from the high-end 15.4-inch MacBook pro.

Apple’s iBook replacement is long overdue and has seen unknown delays push its release back a number of months. Some sources have cited component shortages as partly to blame. For consumers, the MacBook can’t arrive sooner—the current iBook has been in the rotation for more than eight months without an upgrade.

Source: MacBook Landing Link



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