YouTube Gets 8 Million

Investors of have given the site a wopping 8 million. Here is the article:

While some may be losing faith in the Internet, the investors of YouTube are definitely not, and are pumping up YouTube to the tune of $8 Million, more than double what was invested late last year. The money is to be used for increasing capacity and beef up sales & marketing, though the “sales” part has me a bit curious.

“We are pushing the boundaries of the Internet in ways that are unparalleled. By accelerating the build-out of our data centers around the world, we are poised to continue to serve up billions of videos in the most scalable and cost-effective way,” says Steve Chen, CTO and co-founder of YouTube.

This only means the investors have faith in YouTube, but some are skeptical and worried that it will turn into another money-grubbing pit that revolves around terms like “Gold” and “Platinum” Member.

Link: Investors Give Youtube 8 Million



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