About Me:
I live in Detoit, MI and I am currently running Linux on my old Dell (or as I like to call it my OldFaithful :P). I am using Ubuntu 5.10. I like to create things on the web as well as play games on here like Savage and America’s Army. My Xfire account can be located right here My Xfire Profile. I belong to 3 main forums, (I belong to more but these are my favorite), Ubuntu Forums , and RPKS Forums. Feel free to join any. I like to help out on sites when I get the chance and you can check one of the sites who I moderate their forum here: ULNG Forums but please check out the rest of their site its great.

-Email: or
-AIM: CESiEL1993
-Skype: CESLiNUX

Projects in the Making:
I am currently working at RPKS to make their forum nice. This is also one of my projects along with creating an PHP-NUKE at My PHP-NUKE. If you would like to help out with my projects plz feel free to contact me at my contact links I gave above.

Like To Write On My Blog ?
You can! All you need to do is have a wordpress account and I will add your account to my blog. Please do the following to be a contributor:

-Email Me With Backround On You
-Tell Me Your WordPress Account
-Any Other Information You Feel Necessary Like- Email, Your Work and Contributions On Other Sites



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