Microsoft Sponsoring The WCG

April 14, 2006

Microsoft plans to sponsor the World Cyber Games. All games that are to be played in “the Olympics of Gaming” will be played on Microsoft products. Console games on the new Xbox 360 and PC games on PCs with the Windows Operation System.

Links: CNET-Microsoft to Sponsor World Cyber Games



Cross Platform Virus Created

April 9, 2006

A virus for Linux and Windows has been made, what a scary sign…

CNET is reporting that a cross-platform virus for Windows and Linux has been created, a scary thought for users of all computers.

The virus (which a Russian antivirus company under the name of Kaspersky calls Bi.a) is written in a low level computer code called “assembler”, and only infects files in its current directory.

Kaspersky is saying that it was written as a proof-of-concept by virus writers, however, the company warns that proof-of-concept viruses often turn into major threats as the concept grows and becomes more powerful.

Link: Neowin News: Cross Platform Virus