Myspace Hires Chief Security Officer

April 11, 2006 has hired Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam, a former Justice Department Prosecutor who specialized in child exploitation cases. Now that parents want their kids profiles deleted is starting to spiff its security to a higher level hoping that it will sway people’s thoughts about their site.

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YouTube Gets 8 Million

April 10, 2006

Investors of have given the site a wopping 8 million. Here is the article:

While some may be losing faith in the Internet, the investors of YouTube are definitely not, and are pumping up YouTube to the tune of $8 Million, more than double what was invested late last year. The money is to be used for increasing capacity and beef up sales & marketing, though the “sales” part has me a bit curious.

“We are pushing the boundaries of the Internet in ways that are unparalleled. By accelerating the build-out of our data centers around the world, we are poised to continue to serve up billions of videos in the most scalable and cost-effective way,” says Steve Chen, CTO and co-founder of YouTube.

This only means the investors have faith in YouTube, but some are skeptical and worried that it will turn into another money-grubbing pit that revolves around terms like “Gold” and “Platinum” Member.

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Google Buys Algorithm

April 9, 2006

As the title says Google bought an algorithm invented by an Israeli student

By Oded Yaron

Search engine giant Google recently acquired an advanced text search algorithm invented by Ori Alon, an Israeli student. Sources believe Yahoo and Microsoft were also negotiating with the University of New South Wales in Australia, where Alon is a doctoral student in computer science.

Google, Alon and the university all refused to comment, though Google confirmed that “Ori Alon works at Google’s Mountain View, California offices.”

The University acknowledged that Yahoo and Microsoft had conducted negotiations with its business development company.

Alon told TheMarker in an interview six months ago that the university had registered a patent on the invention.

Orion, as it is called, which Alon developed with faculty, relates only to the most relevant textual results. In addition the software, which currently operates only in English, offers a list of topics directly related to the original source.

“For example, if you search information on the War of Independence, you’ll receive a list of related words, like Etzel, Palmach, Ben-Gurion,” he explained. The text will only appear on the results page if enough words relevant to the search and the link between them is reasonable. Orion also rates the texts by quality of the site in which they appear.


Wikipedia’s Article on Fool’s Day 2006

April 9, 2006

This year’s pranks on the internet, magazines/newspapers, and television from around the world. One of the biggest was Google’s Romance prank.

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Spy Agency Found With Google Earth

April 9, 2006

“Sweden’s Lantmäteriverket, the state GIS agency, has been caught camouflaging its censorship of the country’s spy headquarters on aerial images it makes public, and Google Maps is directly responsible for the find.”

Google Earth Image:

Google Earth's Image of the Spy Agency