AOL Charged With Blocking Opponents E-Mails

April 13, 2006

Quote From CNET (that sums it up):

update America Online on Wednesday apparently began blocking e-mail on its servers containing the Web address of a petition against the company’s upcoming certified-mail program, an issue the company called a “glitch.”

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Skype Aquires Sonorit

April 11, 2006

Skype announced today that they will be aquiring a smaller VoIP (voice over IP) startup program called Sonorit for $27 million. One of the reasons Skype made the decision was because of Sonorit’s engineering team which can help further advance Skype’s VoIP technology. In the deal Skype will also aquire one of Sonorit’s subiserys, Camino Networks.

Links/Sources: Techspot and CNET