Ventrilo On Linux

April 18, 2006

Just to let everyone know I found a better guide to putting Ventrilo on Linux. It can be found here

Links: Ventrilo On Linux Through Wine



Google and Sony Start “Da Vinci” Promotion

April 17, 2006

Google and Sony teamed up to produce the new Da Vinci Code Promotion that will run through Google Homepage. Each day, April 17th through May 19th contestants will answer some sort of question or will be asked to solve something. The first 10,000 contestants who finish the 24 problems will be finalists. Finalists will recieve a replica of the cryptex described in Dan Brown’s book to finish off the last 5 problems.

Read More: Google Teams With Sony For Da Vinci Promotion


Oracle Might Lauch Own Linux

April 17, 2006

You’d think there is enough Linux distrobutions and versions of Linux but Oracle says that it might add to the list. Oracle says this move is to contend Microsoft’s domination with windows.

Read More: Oracle Says May Launch Own Linux Version

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WordPress Down

April 16, 2006

What an Easter ! Well not for me, WordPress ! Today, most of their servers had some sort of fatal error. Here is a quote from Podz:

The system has a major fault and we are working to sort it out.
We are really sorry about this!


Happy Easter !

April 15, 2006

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Easter tomorrow. Im planning on just visiting some relatives.


Microsoft Sponsoring The WCG

April 14, 2006

Microsoft plans to sponsor the World Cyber Games. All games that are to be played in “the Olympics of Gaming” will be played on Microsoft products. Console games on the new Xbox 360 and PC games on PCs with the Windows Operation System.

Links: CNET-Microsoft to Sponsor World Cyber Games


Google Registers Patent

April 13, 2006

Google registered their latest patent for a voice activated search. Google’s patent, number 7027987, refers to “a voice interface for search engines.